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ClotMaster™ Hula Cup Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Clot Harvester (Part # PS-3111) is a fast, cost-effective means to add the “biologic advantage” to various types of surgical tissue repair. Wild type clots assume a myriad of adaptive forms to staunch bleeding and repair, or regenerate tissue. ClotMaster™ let’s you choose the clot density, fiber orientation, shape, size of the body’s natural scaffold material.

  • Makes Volume Stable Dense Fiberous Clot Strips, Rings, or Membranes
  • Uses fresh whole blood or bone marrow aspirate
  • Clots can be formed with concentrated materials such as PRP, BMAC, and ADSCs
  • Select various forms, and matrix type
  • No centrifuge required
  • 10 minute prep time
  • No additives
  • Suturable
  • Fibrin Glue
  • Cohesive Gel
  • Flowable Gel
  • Stays in the sterile field
  • Clots can be made and stored in the Hula Cup until ready for use during the case

Clots can be use as-is or mixed with, or applied to, allografts, autografts, cells, platelet rich plasma, synthetic bone graft, and synthetic or textile implants as deemed appropriate by the medical practitioner.

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Suture Anchors, Suture Management (FlexPass™, KnotPusher™, KnotPuller™), Tissue Adhesives (AnoSeal™), Autologous Stem Cell Delivery (ClotMaster™)